Bracelet sizing

Chainmaille and chunky beaded bracelets are much thicker than leather or thin chain bracelets and the thickness has to be taken into account so your bracelet will fit.

If you would like me to work this out for you just measure your wrist and contact me.

There are 3 steps to work out how long your bracelet needs to be.

1. Measure your wrist between your hand and the wrist bone, using a soft tape measure if possible, or piece of paper, this should be firm but not tight.

2. Add 3 x the depth of the bracelet. So for a bracelet that is 8mm deep, 3 x 8mm = 24mm.

3. Choose the desired fit of your bracelet and add that measurement.
For a snug fit add about 6 – 10mm (0.25 – 0.4″). This amount allows your wrist to move and the clasp to be done up.
For a medium fit add about 10 – 15mm (0.4 – 0.6″)
For a loose fit add about 15mm – 20mm (0.6 – 0.8″)

If you are unsure about these steps try measuring your wrist with a cord that is the same depth as the bracelet, this should give you an idea about how it will sit on your wrist.

Please contact me if you need help or have any questions.